"Where Blue Meets Green"
Solar Thermal

•Your Solar Thermal system will lead to a direct reduction in your electric consumption 

•Year round operation, it works even better in the winter

•Solar hot water systems can heat the water used in a home or business, for laundry, bathing, dishes and other domestic applications, as well for commercial or industrial applications.

•Has the highest potential under the Renewable energy-technologies and does not rely on finite resources.

•A solar collector also generates energy on cloudy days 

•Does not lead to a significant increase in electricity demand

•Available nearly everywhere.

•Does not depend on future oil, gas, biomass, or electricity prices

•Solar collectors absorb the energy from the sun 3-4 times more efficiently than solar cells.

•The price of solar collectors is about 3 times less than the price of solar cells.

•The life-cycle environmental impact of solar thermal systems is extremely low.

•Can be combined with nearly all kinds of back-up heat sources like Gas Heaters and Electrical Heaters.


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